Data Analytics & Visual Computing

Data analytics and visual computing help to filter useful information out of huge volumes of complex data. Researchers in the data analytics focus area use automated data analysis methods from the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and statistics in order to process data. Visual computing research is centred on generating and processing visual information.

The increasing quantity of readily available data is opening up numerous opportunities to enhance technological advances and commercial success in various fields. But data collection and storage are developing more rapidly than our ability to analyse that data and use it to support decision making. The data analytics and visual computing research focus provides support in teasing meaningful information out of large quantities of data.

Data visualisation is about transforming numbers and images. It makes complex information more accessible to users, opening up new insights and promoting increases in knowledge. Visual analytics overcomes the related challenges by combining visual perception and human judgement with the strengths of automated, IT-based data analysis. Research into computer vision is focused on obtaining information from image and video data, and automating people’s visual capabilities.

Institutes & Research Groups



Multi-Device Ecologies Towards Elaborate User Experience discusses issues of relevance regarding interaction design and user experience design and aims at an integrated use of media technology devices...

DALICC – Data Licenses Clearance Center

DALICC is a software framework that supports the automated clearance of rights thus supporting the legally secure and time-efficient reutilization of third party data sources.

VALiD - Visual Analytics in Data-Driven Journalism

Visual Analytics in Data-Driven Journalism: As data journalists face increasingly complex and heterogeneous data, the research project works on suitable Visual Analytics methods and their integration ...

VisOnFire. Understanding and visualizing workflows

Visual Analysis of Large and Heterogeneous Scientific Workflows for Analytical Provenance. - A new visual forensic tool realizes the visualisation of data analysis workflows and helps to increase the ...

InfraBASE: automatic analysis of satellite imagery

The project deals with the fully automatic analysis of satellite imagery. The goal is to extract a pixel-accurate segmentation of building roofs to generate a rich meta-data layer.


Location is key – especially when it comes to real estate value. “ImmBild” aims at developing a new method for estimating property value using computer vision of satellite data.

Pitoti 3D

Italy’s petroglyphs were carved into rock faces by prehistoric cultures. This project sets out to investigate and document the 3D nature of these petroglyphs for the first time.


Year of construction, architectural period and architectural style have a significant impact on property prices. New methods of classifying and evaluating real estate have been developed on the basis ...

SoniControl - the first ultrasonic firewall

The project SoniControl aims at developing an application to detect and block unwanted audio tracking on mobile devices.


While interconnectedness amongst our devices increases rapidly, SoniTalk aims at developing an open protocol for ultrasonic device communication that fully preserves the privacy of the user.

InnoFIT - novel forecasting tools

Improvement of forecasting processes and planning quality with the use of information technologies to increase the competitiveness of Austrian companies in the global market.


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