In the academic year 2020/21, St. Pölten UAS researchers produced 218 publications based on their scientific work.

The university is committed to making knowledge publicly accessible and supports open access publications. It is one of the first Austrian universities of applied sciences to sign the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. Click here for further information on the topic of open access, as well as a link to St Pölten UAS’s open access database.

Top Publications
Ordered by year and author
Altendorfer, K., & Felberbauer, T. (2023). Forecast and production order accuracy for stochastic forecast updates with demand shifting and forecast bias correction. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 125, 102740.
de Jesus Oliveira, V. A., Slijepčević, D., Dumphart, B., Ferstl, S., Reis, J., Raberger, A.-M., Heller, M., Horsak, B., & Iber, M. (2023). Auditory feedback in tele-rehabilitation based on automated gait classification. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing.
Durstberger, S., Kranzl, A., & Horsak, B. (2023). Effects of three different regression-based hip joint center localization methods in adolescents with obesity on kinematics and kinetics - preliminary results of the HIPstar study. Gait & Posture, 100, 42–43.
Guggenberger, B., Horsak, B., Habersack, A., Smith, C. R., Kainz, H., & Svehlik, M. (2023). Different walking strategies impact patella cartilage pressure in individuals with patellofemoral instability. Gait & Posture, 100, 9–10.
Knoll, O. (2023, February 28). Fokus Teuerung – Die Auswirkungen der Energiepreisentwicklung auf Schieneninfrastruktur und Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen [Konferenzbeitrag]. Schieneninfrastruktur, Forum Verkehr, IMH Wien.
Knoll, O. (2023, February 20). Digitale Transformation in der Mobilität [Podiumsdiskussion]. Österreichische Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, Podiumsdiskussion Arbeitskreis Rail & Road Traffic Management, FH St. Pölten.
Knoll, O. (2023, 14.03). Erbe Österreich – Die Erschließung der heimischen Alpen, Teile 1 + 2. [ORF III].
Neubauer, M., Moser, L., Neugebauer, J., Raudner, M., Wondrasch, B., Führer, M., Emprechtinger, R., Dammerer, D., Ljuhar, R., Salzlechner, C., & Nehrer, S. (2023). Artificial-Intelligence-Aided Radiographic Diagnostic of Knee Osteoarthritis Leads to a Higher Association of Clinical Findings with Diagnostic Ratings. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 12(3), 744.
Siragy, T., Russo, Y., Young, W., & Lamb, S. E. (2023). Comparison of over-ground and treadmill perturbations for simulation of real-world slips and trips: A systematic review. Gait & Posture, 100, 201–209.
Slijepcevic, D., Zeppelzauer, M., Unglaube, F., Kranzl, A., Breiteneder, C., & Horsak, B. (2023). Towards more transparency: The utility of Grad-CAM in tracing back deep learning based classification decisions in children with cerebral palsy. Gait & Posture, 100, 32–33.
Anderluh, A. (2022). EFFECTS of Cycling - Ein Plus für Gesundheit, Wirtschaft und Verkehr [Vortrag]. Österreichischer Radgipfel 2022, Wien, 4.-5. April 2022, Wien.
Boigner, P., & Luh, R. (2022). WSL2 Forensics: Detection, Analysis & Revirtualization. The 17th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security.
Dimou, A., Neumaier, S., Pellegrini, T., & Vahdati, S. (Eds.). (2022). Towards a knowledge-aware ai. IOS Press.
Gallistl, V., Richter, L., Heidinger, T., Schütz, T., Rohner, R., Hengl, L., & Kolland, F. (2022). Precarious ageing in a global pandemic – older adults" experiences of being at risk due to COVID-19. Ageing and Society, 1–19.
Grossberger, H., & Schwarzinger, M. (2022, 17.11). A combined application of LCA and CE in bridge lifecycle management: A case study on a reinforced concrete bridge. Transportation Research Procedia. Transport Research Arena Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.
Guggenberger, B., Horsak, B., Habersack, A., Smith, C., Svehlik, M., & Kainz, H. (2022). The influence of different walking strategies on patellofemoral and tibiofemoral contact forces in individuals with patellofemoral instability. Gait & Posture, 97, S68–S69.
Heidinger, T., & Richter, L. (2022). Examining the Impact of COVID-19 Experiences on Reported Psychological Burden Increase in Older Persons: The Effects of Illness Severity and Social Proximity. Frontiers in Psychology, 13.
Kovarova-Simecek, M., & Pellegrini, T. (2022). Instrumente der Analyse in der Investor Relations und Finanzkommunikation. In C. P. Hoffmann, D. Schiereck, & A. Zerfaß (Eds.), Handbuch Investor Relations und Finanzkommunikation (pp. 1–21). Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden.
Hogan, A., Cochez, M., Melo, G. de, & Neumaier, S. (2022). Knowledge graphs. Morgan & Claypool Publishers.
Holzinger, A., Kieseberg, P., Tjoa, A. M., & Weippl, E. (2022). 6th IFIP TC 5, TC 12, WG 8.4, WG 8.9, WG 12.9 International Cross-Domain Conference, CD-MAKE 2022 Vienna, August 23–26, 2022 Proceedings. Springer.