In 2022, St. Pölten UAS’s 128 research projects generated revenue of EUR 4,6 million. Interdisciplinary projects have grown in importance in recent years as a means to identify suitable answers to modern-day issues and devise appropriate solutions.


Framework to IMPROVE the Integration of Patient Generated Health Data to Facilitate Value Based Healthcare.

ABC - Austrian Blockchain Center

K1 competence center with the goal of the scientifically based further development of the blockchain technology and its application in various economic sectors. These range from Industry 4.0/Internet ...

DICHTE - Digitised Interprofessional Collaboration of Health Teams in Education

Digitised methods that support academic staff in organising person-centred, interprofessional health care education.

Accelerate_FutureHEI - Entrepreneurial & Innovative Universities Acceleration Programme

Transforming Higher Education Institutes to strengthen them in their role as knowledge and innovation ecosystems that benefit regional development.