Smart E’s Production Line

A new team of international students worked on improving the “Smart Storage Box” concept and turning it into a full-fledged innovative production line.

Christoph Braun and his team

The days of having to manually search for an item ordered by someone are over.

We have created a smart guided assembly system which allows users to easily check on orders as well as receive visual feedback on the product"s location and on what needs to be refilled. Since we wanted to present a fun example of how such a smart guided assembly system can be used, we decided to create an accompanying "Biscuit Designer" which brings together both hardware and software – thus resulting in a great project for Smart Engineering.


  • Showing off the inner workings of Smart Engineering by using a fun concept
  • Brainstorming about the necessary equipment, tools and programmes
  • Acquiring more skills in presentation, teamwork, creative thinking etc.
  • Improving the previous design of the "Smart Storage Box", while still holding on to its basic features (excluding weight sensors)
  • Designing and 3D-printing necessary mechanical components for the project
  • Developing an embedded system
  • Developing a software-based ordering system
  • Bringing all parts together in a fully functional production line

Project steps

The EPS students completed a variety of steps ranging from the brainstorming sessions to role division, prototype creation, software development, hardware development, mechanical engineering and so on.


  • A fully functional production line including a software-based ordering/assembling system (for biscuits) and an embedded system which visually guides the user to the correct storage box
  • Software documentation
  • An online blog including project description, lots of information on meetings and more
  • Mechanical designs for various elements of the project
  • Improved soft skills
  • Happy supervisors and a happy team

Anna Guitart - Spain
Christopher Baker – Scotland, UK
Jordan Nonnenbruk - France
Quentin Franchi - France
Fernando Leite - Portugal
Steven De Keuster - Belgium
João Cruz - Portugal
Denny Matthijs - Belgium
17.02.2019 – 27.06.2019
Beteiligte Institute, Gruppen und Zentren
Forschungsgruppe Digital Technologies