CARMA -Center for Applied Research in Media Assisted Healthcare for Motion and Activity

Establishing and sustainably positioning a centre for applied research into media-supported healthcare with a focus on exercise and activity


The project is making an important contribution to addressing the challenges that the European health sector will soon have to face as a result of factors such as changing population structures. Enabling independent and active lives into old age will require a range of support systems as well as new approaches to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation which can be adopted for people from an early age and improved in terms of efficiency and quality by the application of digital technologies. CARMA is therefore working on innovative scenarios and developing prototypes that can be demonstrated to potential users. Applications of current media technologies should be user and patient friendly, and CARMA’s work should contribute to the long-term improvement of the extended healthcare system. Example research projects include Music Enhanced Training (MET) and (Tele)rehabilitation with Body Area Networks (REBORN).


  • Study programme Physiotherapy IC\M/T - Institute for Creative\Media/Technologies
07/01/2013 – 08/31/2016