Questions about the app

This is where you can find important questions and answers about the comfort:zone app. If your question is not listed, get in touch with your contact person (ambassador) or send us an email at






Explanatory videos

Where can I get help if I have questions about the app or if something is not working?
How can I share my location?
What do the symbols on the map mean?
How do I navigate on the map?
What is the list view?
What does Like mean in a report and how does it work?
How can I view the reports?
How can I create a new report?
What does Select description mean?
What does Enter resolution suggestion mean?​​​​​​​
What does date and time mean?
What does Upload photo/video mean?
What does Save mean?
What is the difference between My reports and All reports?
What does Problem solved mean?
How can I edit a report?