Diagnostics Guide for Relatives

Developing a prototype concept for a standardized counselling interview for relatives of persons with dementia.

Caring for relatives

In Austria, a considerable proportion of people in need of care receive it at home. Scientific studies show that long-term care, in particular, is associated with considerable physical and psychological stress for the carer. Caring for people with dementia, often long-term and demanding, poses a particular challenge.

Developing a discussion guide

On behalf of and in cooperation with Volkshilfe Österreich, a concept for a counselling interview for these relatives will be developed and its practicability tested. A particular focus is put on the special features and challenges people caring for relatives with dementia face. The materials developed for the standardised interviews with relatives are intended to support staff in the nursing and care sector in identifying bespoke support services. This will bundle resources and relieve the burden on relatives providing care. Such support can include referral to specific counselling institutions, information transfer on offers such as home care, leave for carers, day centres, financial support options or special offers for this carer (e.g. validation, courses, self-help groups, ...), etc.


The diagnostic guideline is based on models that have already been scientifically developed (e.g. Compass for the assessment of the burden on caring relatives in the care of dementia patients by Blom/Dujinstee 1995). These will be adapted into a practical guideline applicable to nursing staff, integrated into a counselling setting and tested in practice, including further diagnostic instruments of social work.

External Staff
Peter Pantuček-Eisenbacher
  • Volkshilfe Österreich
Commissioned research
09/01/2015 – 06/30/2016
Involved Institutes, Groups and Centers
Ilse Arlt Institute for Social Inclusion Research