Integrating Sonification and Visualization

screen shot from audio mostly 2021 workshop

​​Together with our international colleagues from Sweden and the US, the SoniVis project team at St. Pölten UAS organized and conducted a workshop on “Audio Visual Analytics: Identifying Research Gaps for Integrating Sonification and Visualization" as part of the mostly audio 2021 conference that took place virtually on September 3rd.  The workshop began with introductions on Visualization by Niklas Elmqvist (The University of Maryland) and Sonification by Bruce Walker (Georgia Tech), that were specially designed to onboard participants from the other discipline.

Group discussions and presentations on the topics 1) Theory and Tools for combining Sonification and Visualization and 2) Design Process and Evaluation followed.

A final 30-minute open discussion rounded-out the event and a new community of researchers - interested in combining Sonification and Visualization - was formed. A follow-up workshop will take place at the IEEE VIS conference on October 25th, 2021.

The SoniVis project team from the Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies​ included Kajetan Enge (moderator), Wolfgang Aigner, Michael Iber and Alexander Rind.


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