Alive Maps

A team of international students worked on an innovative IOT project – building environmental maps by assessing the data measured by distributed IOT Sensor boxes using the new T-Mobile NB-IoT network

Alive Maps - Smart box for city life quality enhancement

The Internet of Things (IoT) turns our cities into smart cities. Students have produced a prototype for a mobile IoT-sensor box using "Narrowband IoT" technology, which can collect and measure data on air quality, humidity, temperature, noise level and brightness. This sensor data from several mobile boxes can be merged and visually rendered on a map.


  • Developing an IoT sensor box, which collects various sensor data
  • Transmit the collected data via T-Mobile's Narrowband (NB) IoT network to a central database
  • Visualize the data on a Webpage in an appropriate way.
  • Finding appropriate use cases

Project steps

  • Brainstorming session to find use case
  • Creating a Business concept
  • Developing a PROOF OF CONCEPT
  • Participation at Events and Competitions:
    • T-Mobile Hackathon, Sankt Pölten
    • Startup campus, Budapest
    • Berkeley competition, Vienna
    • Pioneers festival 2018, Vienna
  • Cooperation with BOSCH in the context of "Industry meets makers – The air around us"


"ALIVE MAPS", a concept for city life quality maps

A map of environmental data (as Air quality, Temperature, Noise level, Humidity, Light) in a town or area, which is built on the gained information from a network of distributed sensor stations

Business concept – How can we generate revenues from the Idea

  • by Banner Ads on the "Alive maps"-Homepage
  • by Selling the data, e.g. to GPS Tracking businesses

Proof of Concept

  • Prototype of the IoT-Sensor box with NB-IOT connection
  • Backend application - UDP socket service & Database
  • Frontend application - A map with visualization of the measured environmental data


The Team members were very engaged and additionally by taking part at the various mentioned competitions, the idea and especially the Business concept could be improved step by step due to the feedback of professionals.

Charlotte Bruschi - France
Maria Larros - Spain
Hubert Mierzwinski - Scotland
Miguel Minarro - Spain
Valentin Nita - Romania
Maxime Richard - France
Robert Gundacker - Austria
  • T-Mobile: supports with developing equipment (Microcontrollers, Sensors, Sim cards, …) and free use of NB-IOT network
Research fellowship from FH Sankt Pölten
02/28/2018 – 06/29/2018
Involved Institutes, Groups and Centers
Research Group Digital Technologies