Brochure "Feeling good for a lifetime"

Information brochure about nutrition and exercise with special attention to age-related changes in the body

Brochure "Feeling good for a lifetime" (German)

What to do if diabetes or gout are imminent? ... if the intestine becomes sluggish? ... in case of rising blood pressure? ... in case of rising blood lipids or low appetite?

Bodies change over the years and so do needs. In order to feel good in different phases of life, changes have to be accepted and behaviour adjusted accordingly. This brochure shows how to increase well-being through conscious food and drink choices and sufficient exercise.

The 44-page brochure can be ordered from the forum. ernährung heute homepage.

External Staff
Doris Lasar
  • Mag. Marlies Gruber, forum. ernährung heute
forum. ernährung heute
10/01/2013 – 05/31/2015
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