Data Science Bootcamp

Training experts from within companies to become Data Scientists who are able to the best use of artificial intelligence methods

Expanded opportunities of Artificial Intelligence 

In recent years, the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have drastically expanded and become an integral part of our daily lives. This is partly due to new techniques and methods, especially regarding neural networks and machine learning in general, but also due to the availability of inexpensive and powerful hardware, allowing for more efficient implementation of existing technologies. 

Lacking data science resources in companies

By now AI applications are available for all branches of industry, thus becoming increasingly relevant for companies in every sector. However, particularly small companies but and specialized departments in bigger companies often have not sufficient resources to hire dedicated data scientists. In addition, many tasks require an extremely high level of specialist knowledge, especially in the manufacturing industry. This means that “pure” data scientists do not have the necessary industry understanding where their skills are best deployed, which processes can benefit most from data science and where challenges may arise. This is the problem addressed in the Data Science Bootcamp. It provides further training in the field of data science for experts from within companies. Since the requirements are complex this training imparts advanced knowledge in order to develop, implement and evaluate new solutions in real-world business environments. 

Closing the gap

The Data Science Bootcamp targets employees who have a good basic education and special knowledge in their respective fields. They are then equipped with the knowledge and tools to use the possibilities of data science for their specific field and beyond. In order to ensure the greatest possible relevance, the boot camp is developed in collaboration with the company partners. Practical data science projects from the respective areas are included. In 9 weeks, the participants acquire not only basic knowledge in the field of data science as well as more in-depth content, but can also practise their skills and apply them to new problems. In addition, the curriculum includes important non-technical content such as data protection and privacy aspects.

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