Inclusion of newcomers and reducing vacancies in the Waldviertel area

Feasibility study using participatory research methods

Feasibility study for inclusion and reducing vacancies

The Waldviertel is a rural area of Austria. The region faces the challenges of how to include newcomers and reduce vacancies. The Ilse Arlt Institute for Social Inclusion Research is carrying out a feasibility study using participatory research methods to improve the inclusion of newcomers and thus reduce vacancies in the Waldviertel area of Lower Austria.

The questions addressed in the study include:

  •  How can settlement be stimulated?
  • What is the most appropriate use of vacancies?
  • What can inclusion processes contribute to retaining newcomers and how can further possibilities to make use of vacancies be opened up?
  • How can these inclusion processes be used to strengthen the social structure and reduce barriers and conflicts?


To start with, demographic data of people moving to the Waldviertel area and data on vacancy development are collected. Central findings from existing literature are analysed and relevant current developments recorded. Additional sources are findings from research projects already carried out in the area by the Ilse Arlt Institute for Social Inclusion Research and research on national and international best-practice models. These providefurther input for the challenge of including newcomers and revitalising an area.

Analysing social space, surveying the current situation, developing solutions

Discussions with residents and local experts serve to establish the current situation. In a participatory process solution approaches are developed.  This allows both newcomers and long-time residents to actively contribute to analysis and possible solutions. Analyses and solutions are further deepened by social space inspections.
The jointly developed measures are documented in writing and provided to local actors for further implementation.

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