Integration of advanced engagement statistics

Preliminary concept for the integration of advanced engagement statistics in the ForTunes app for analysis how music is received in online spaces

Simple Analysis with ForTunes

The already available ForTunes App allows music creators to easily and affordably track how their activities are received in the digital domain. The service offers a convenient overview as to which content is being disseminated, through which channels and by whom. The goal of the current project is to determine if it is feasible to integrate more advanced engagement statistics based on text mining into the app. 

Possibilities to expand the services 

As part of the project, existing methods of text mining (e.g. topic extraction, sentiment analysis) are investigated as to their suitability for integration into the ForTunes App. Such methods enable the service to offer more qualitative data about the reception of releases in addition to user statistics. To test these text mining methods, selected releases of international music creators on YouTube and Twitter will be used.

A second aim is developing methods to enable music creators to identify relevant multipliers and brokers in social media. The effectiveness of these algorithms and metrics will then be assessed by experts from the music industry. Finally, ideas for integrating the tested text mining methods into the app technically and visually will be developed. 

The project is funded through an Innovation Voucher, an instrument designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria to perform research and innovation activities.

  • Original Egg GmbH
FFG - Innovation Voucher
01/16/2018 – 01/15/2019
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Research Group Media Business