Reference budgets for social inclusion

Reference budgets are exemplary household budgets that define the structure of the outgoings of people with low incomes, taking into account the goal of social inclusion.

Referenzbudgets für soziale Inklusion

To date the Austrian reference budgets have been largely prepared by experts but they will be recalculated based on the internationally established participative method of “minimum income standards”. The budgets will be calculated by a specific technique involving focus groups and based on the everyday experiences of the participants, then checked by experts and subsequently presented again for consideration by a focus group containing persons of different levels of income. The result should be reference budgets that are both closer to the real situation and internationally more comparable.

  • ASB Schuldnerberatungen GmbH
  • Dachorganisation der staatlich anerkannten Schuldenberatungen
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05/01/2013 – 02/28/2014
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