Allowing the CAD-drawings of machines to be presented to customers in a visually attractive and immersive way.

This project was developed together with TecSys and CTP Dumag, a company which specializes in producing industrial combustion machines. The core goal was to allow the CAD-drawings of the machines to be presented to customers in a visually attractive and immersive way.

To achieve this, we created a tailored solution which allows for automatic conversion of the company’s CAD-files into a Unity-compatible format. The converted models are automatically imported into a project where they simply have to be placed into the scene. After placement, the files can immediately be viewed in virtual reality.

Furthermore, we created a guided-tour-system which allowed the company to show clients specific parts of the machine by teleporting their virtual bodies to various points of interest (POIs), which they can easily define within the scene beforehand.

In further stages of the project, we will implement the possibility to perform accessibility studies in VR. This means in detail, that certain parts of the machine (movable parts e.g. valves) can be manipulated in VR. The goal of this is to show that all necessary maintenance work can be done, and the parts won’t block each other in specific positions. Furthermore, the 3D designers of the machine can easily check if certain parts will be physically reachable from outside the machine.

Another part of the TecSys project consists of an augmented reality (AR) solution for maintenance and assembly of the machines. Here, we are developing a showcase where real parts of the machines are recognized by an app via tracking markers. The app then displays information about the specific parts in real-time.

Stefan Nebel
External Staff
Johannes Ambrosch BSc
  • TecSys GmbH
FFG Innovation Voucher
08/14/2017 – 09/13/2018
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Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
Research Group Digital Technologies