YouTube-Channels und their importance in Austria

Researchers at St. Pölten UAS determine the economic and societal importance of YouTube-channels in Austria.

Changing media and markets

The market for audiovisual media services is currently in upheaval. In addition to the classic linear television, services on demand are increasingly gaining importance. This is in particular the case for audiovisual offers that are provided for free via YouTube and other video-platforms or social media channels. This content, which is increasingly not only provided by amateurs but also by semi-professional commercial providers and big media companies, is not only popular with children and teenagers but also increasingly with adults. 

New formats, new challenges

This change poses challenges for regulating authorities. The provisions of the Federal Act on Audio-visual Media Services (Audio-visual Media Services Act – AMD-G) affect a considerable part of these new services. However, especially amongst semi-professional YouTubers knowledge of regulating parameters of the audio-visual sector and particularly of the legally defined disclosure obligation is lacking. 
The project

In the course of the study Sankt Pölten UAS compiles an overview of the available channels on video-platforms or social media channels (particularly YouTube) in Austria and evaluates the economic siginificance and “public value”, i.e. the societal contribution and benefit of such channels. The provisions of the AMD-G are used as a reference. 


Results of the study (in German)


Gebesmair, A. (2019). Zur gesellschaftlichen Bedeutung von österreichischen YouTube-Channels. In J. Krone & A. Gebesmair (Eds.), Zur Ökonomie gemeinwohlorientierter Medien. Massenkommunikation in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz (pp. 95–110). Nomos.
Gebesmair, A. (2017). Die wirtschaftliche und gesellschaftliche Bedeutung von You-Tube-Channels in Österreich. Eine Studie im Auftrag der RTR - GmbH. Fachhochschule St. Pölten.
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