DiMoSy Rail

Testing the usability of the DiMoSy system for monitoring the effect of construction work on rail structures


BOGENSBERGER Vermessung’s DiMoSy tool is a monitoring system that allows constant monitoring and analysing data from measuring points and issuing warnings. Possible application areas are for example building reconstruction where the DiMoSy tool can be used to monitor the building structures (e.g. walls) during work on the building foundation. 

Railway-specific application 

Constant monitoring is essential for an efficient and cost-optimised maintenance schedule as well as to implement maintenance forecasts for railway tracks. It further serves as basis for defect occurrence analyses. One challenge is monitoring the effect of construction work on bridges. Such monitoring is particularly important as the work takes place during normal operation. Experiences up to now indicate that the DyMoSy system is suitable for this type of monitoring. However, as this is a completely new application, the necessary theoretical groundwork for analysis is still lacking. 
Parameters and limits in the area of superstructure in the rail industry are defined in norms and internal standards. However, these are designed for the commonly used measuring methods. This new monitoring approach requires a novel method for analysing and evaluating that analyses the measured values automatically, compares them to the stipulated limits and generates notifications that can be easily and unequivocally understood by the responsible authorities at construction sites. Parameters for analysis and for the creation of notifications are being defined in this project.


The St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences as scientific partner develops and describes this mechanism following scientifically substantiated methods so that BOGENSBERGER Vermessung can expand its existing system. The goal is to enable the company to offer a geomonitoring system for monitoring superstructures.  In the last years the demand for such measuring systems has grown, since an increasing number of construction sites need monitoring.

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