#Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility makes use of digitalisation and the Internet of Things to develop new forms of mobility, of mobility behaviour and the relationship between humans and machines.



Experimental development for highly-automated shunting operations in railway freight traffic

self_DEBASE -Self Destructive Brake Shoe

Developing a breakable brake shoe to avoid damages when a train starts moving if it is accidentally forgotten on the track


Investigating the effectiveness of measures for closing the gap between the railway networks of the Czech and Austrian state railway companies

SensiTrack - Tracking vs Privacy in the Workplace 4.0

Developing measures to support employee privacy whwn using tracking systems in industry and comparing positive aspects of tracking technologies with regard to occupational safety

Seed funding to extend research in railway technology

Establishing a research focus on alternative engine systems, energy efficiency, digitisation and automation.


The project "TerminalOnRail2" examines the technical possibilities of a rail based feeder system for airports based on already existing infrastructure.


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