Gender Watch App

Investigating gender aspects in media

How does the audience of a film perceive gender aspects?

Target group for the Gender Watch App are researchers that investigate the topic of gender in the area of moving pictures. With the help of the second screen application assessing gender-sensitive aspects of a movie, a series or an ad in real-time becomes possible. Test subjects can immediately rate stereotypical or sexist portrayals of gender roles and receive visual feedback on their own assessment in relation to the general assessment. 

The collected data can then be used to understand in which situations a role is reinforced or if it changes in the course of the plot. Gender-specific questions such as “How are men and women portrayed and received in movies, series and ads?” or “In which situations are polarising subjects used?” can be analysed and visualized with help of the collected data. 
The project dealt with the conception phase. In addition to the concept,  a technical and design guide a prototype was built to allow an interactive experience and to test function and effectiveness to allow the implementation in a follow-up project. 

External Staff
Jennifer Biechele
Karin Berghammer Filmproduktion
04/12/2015 – 02/29/2016
Involved Institutes, Groups and Centers
Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
Research Group Media Creation