Interactive navigation and sounds of the regions at State Museum Lower Austria

Video installation with interactive navigation for the "Lower Austria Room" at the State Museum Lower Austria

The basis for developing the interactive applications are installations developed by St. Pölten UAS for the St. Pöltner Klangturm as well as results and audio material from the research project "Sounds of the Regions". 

Four.quarter.rhythm - music from everyday noises

Using a multi-touch monitor display the 4 “quarters” of Lower Austria. With each quarter rhythms can be created. Each player has one step sequencer and different sounds of the 4 quarters at his disposal. Each player creates an individual rhythm, the compositions are then combined to a harmonious overall beat. Visitors experience how (everyday) sounds can be transformed into music. In addition, selected tonal characteristics from the districts of Lower Austria are presented. The rhythms are reproduced at different positions in the room via a quadrophonic loudspeaker arrangement. This also creates an individual spatial impression of the created rhythm.
Interactive applications


On an interactive map selected places in Lower Austria are combined with sound recordings. With the help of a touch screen sounds such as church bells play from the corresponding direction at various volumes.


This installation traces the colloquial and dialectal differences of the regions of Lower Austria. It shows the different interactions between cultural and regional influences and linguistic expressions. Touch screens can be used to compare different dialects of the regions or the four quarters.


Different sound signals from the districts of Lower Austria are played. Visitors are then asked questions about the origin, history or significance of the sound. For example, they have to assign it to a place on a map. Thus, visitors learn more about the sound characteristics of Lower Austria. 

Programming Interactive navigation & graphic design 

Existing contents of the exhibition are to be presented in a uniform, clear and interactive way. For this purpose, an interactive navigation system is created and a graphic design created. The navigation comprises the topics art, nature, history and sounds of the regions.

External Staff
Astrid Drechsler
Bettina Wagner
Commissioned research
06/01/2014 – 09/30/2014
Involved Institutes, Groups and Centers
Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies