#Digital Heritage



Multi-Device Ecologies Towards Elaborate User Experience discusses issues of relevance regarding interaction design and user experience design and aims at an integrated use of media technology devices such as mobile devices, multi-touch tabletops or large surfaces in multi-device ecologies.

Cultural Heritage - Woodworking revisited

Old knowledge - ready for the future. The sparkling science project HR (Holzhandwerk revisited) combines traditional artisanship and new forms of communication, scientific research and a young approach to knowledge.

Media production celebrating 90 years of Kössler

Employing experimental techniques, the research group Media Creation at the St. Pölten UAS created a documentary on occasion of turbine producer Kössler’s 90-year anniversary.

Pitoti 3D

Italy’s petroglyphs were carved into rock faces by prehistoric cultures. This project sets out to investigate and document the 3D nature of these petroglyphs for the first time.

Multi-touch Rocks: Playing with Tangible Virtual Heritage

There are over 50,000 petroglyphs engraved in rock panels at the Val Camonica valley UNESCO world heritage site in northern Italy. The engravings are not always visible and are often on steep slopes where walking is not allowed for conservation reasons.


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