ISAR - Intervision/Supervision with Augmented Reality

Developing an augmented reality tool to support supervision and intervision


Working conditions in helping professions are deteriorating. Budget cuts combined with increasing demands on staff are responsible for a rise in the numbers of psychological problems, burn-out and suicidal acts in recent years. Reducing team times, further training and intervisions/supervisions in many helping organisations are driving factors. Another contributing factor to this development is the overburdening of teachers and the lack of supervision culture. 
Intervision is a form of counselling which, adapted to the respective needs, can answer work-specific challenges. The aim is to address and solve work problems before they cause psychological stress. Solutions and possible actions are developed at the employee level, thus not only to preventing mental illnesses but also improving quality management.  

Project content

In the course of the project, an augmented reality tool is developed. This tool is designed for use in supervision and intervision, e.g. for the preparation of team work and case conferences. The application also offers structured support for facilitators and participants in conducting targeted supervision and intervision conversations. 


  • Theoretical development of the structure for intervision/supervision
  • Practical development of the structure on the basis of teamwork at cooperation partner Caritas (addiction counselling unit)
  • Testing of the developed instrument in teamwork
  • Development of a prototype
  • 2 test runs of the prototype with qualitative accompanying research
  • Completion of a LoFi prototype


The application aids in scheduling intervisions and supervisions through eliminating travel times. Furthermore, quality of conversations is increased and documented. Overall, the psycho-social health of people working in the social, health or educational sectors is boosted, while simultaneously improving quality management.

  • Caritas der Diözese St.Pölten, Suchtberatung
AK Niederösterreich - Projektfonds Arbeit 4.0
12/01/2019 – 05/31/2021
Involved Institutes, Groups and Centers
Ilse Arlt Institute for Social Inclusion Research
Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
Research Group Digital Technologies