Living City

We develop an innovative concept linking living and health care, and participative architecture, (partial) city planning, primary healthcare, housing development and community work.

On the grounds of the former lace factory in the north of St. Pölten an intergenerational residential city should arise. It is planned to create living facilities on a rental basis as well as leisure and healthcare facilities in the close neighbourhood serving the general well-being and a comprehensive preventive health care according to the Primary Healthcare Concept. The concern of the client is to ensure a user-oriented settlement in the area by involving the needs and wishes of potential residents in the early planning.  

In the course of our research project we conduct a pre-field study regarding the demand of housing and care and we develop fundamentals for a concept of settlement. Questions concerning  existing offers and demands linked to ‘Assisted living in old age’, as well as infrastructural requirements for a recommended settlement are discussed. Chances, possibilities and limits of cross-generational living are considered in terms of a prevention of old age ghettoisation. A new and innovative housing concept for the region of St. Pölten should be developed based on the principles and experiences of best-practice examples at home and abroad and on the needs of potential/future residents.

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02/01/2014 – 12/30/2014
Involved Institutes, Groups and Centers
Ilse Arlt Institute for Social Inclusion Research