Mobilot - mobile information systems for users on the move

Mobilot offers the basis for mobile information systems and provides new intuitive access to information.

Mobilot (mobile pilot) allows easy access to information. When scanning a QR code with a smartphone camera or allowing the application to determine its current position users automatically receive the relevant information by text, picture or video based on the code, time and position following rules embedded in the system. Links to existing information sources such as databases or content management systems can also be provided.


Users can use the application – similar to a web browser - to navigate to different Mobidules (mobile modules). The information is not stored locally in the Mobilot client, but is accessed via the internet from Mobilot web services. Developers prepare their Mobilot applications in form of Mobidules, which can be hosted on a conventional web server. To find mobidules, users can use the mobilot search engine. Another typical starting point for a Mobidul is the scanning of a “Mobilot code”, which automatically starts the Mobidul application.

Mobilot codes

Mobilot codes are common QR codes that can be used to encode any character. QR codes can be read and decoded using special QR code reader applications, which are available for all common smartphones. The Mobilot codes have a characteristic 45-degree slant, which does not disturb the common readers - but users immediately recognize the "entry point" into a Mobidul.

A Mobilot code always contains the URL to a Mobidul resource - by scanning and opening the link, the Mobilot web version automatically loads with the corresponding Mobidul page. In the native Mobilot version for the iPhone and Android devices, a QR code scanner is already built in.


Mobilot can be used whenever information should be accessed not via a traditional menu system, but rather based on the environment, time and rules, or by scanning QR codes.

Typical application areas are:

Guides (e.g. city guides, travel guides, museum guides,...)

Location Based Games

Event information systems (e.g. on-site conference guides, festival guides,...)

Typical Location Based Systems (find the nearest ATM, pharmacy,...)


Mobilot was developed as a project of the specialization Mobile Internet of the Master's program Digital Media Technologies. The system was extended for the European Researchers Night 2011 and presented to a wide audience. The mobile optimised web version of Mobilot can be used on most modern smartphones; native apps for iPhone and Android are in development.


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Follow-up project Seekoi 

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Günther Sieberth
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