self_DEBASE -Self Destructive Brake Shoe

Developing a breakable brake shoe to avoid damages when a train starts moving if it is accidentally forgotten on the track


In railway operations, especially in shunting and in marshalling yards, brake shoes are used to slow down and secure rolling railway carriages. On occasion, it can happen that not all of these securing devices are removed before a train starts moving. This can result in wedging at points and even derailment. 

Project objective

In order to minimise this risk a brake shoe is developed which, if accidentally forgotten on the track, is destroyed when the train starts moving, so as not to cause any damage or danger of possible derailment.  

Methodology & Result

In the course of the project, numerous possible materials and shapes for such a shoe are tested and evaluated according to the criteria simplicity, resistance, cost and reliability. Low weight is another criterion in order to facilitate easy handling by staff.  The most promising variants are manufactured and tested. Test results and further documentation are prepared for a possible subsequent certification according to effectiveness of the new type of brake shoe. 
The project builds on findings regarding best methods from the previous StilvA project

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