TriLite 360°

Developing a mobile Virtual Reality App for businesses to support sales

The research group Media Creation of St. Pölten UAS conducts research on the implementation of 3D computer-generated 360° environments that can be experienced with the help of Head-Mounted Displays (HDMs). Their expertise was used in this project with TriLite Technologies Ltd. Where the research group developed an interactive application that supports presenting an innovative product to prospective customers. 

Virtual-Reality-App for businesses

The company TriLite offers autostereoscopic 3D-screens for Digital Signage und Digital out-of-home media (i.e. digital media that appears in environments accessible to the public such as digital billboards and outdoor signage). TriLite‘s large-format 3D Outdoor-Displays make the 3D effect of stereoscopic videos visible without the use of 3D-glasses. To realistically describe the advantages and mode of operation of this novel 3D technology a portrayal in 2D (video, print) is not sufficient. With the help of virtual reality a virtual environment can be generated which allows an accurate presentation of the stereoscopic effect. 

For this sales demonstration, a computer-generated visualisation of Times Square in 360° space was created. For the virtual advertising displays a mix of 2D, real images and stereoscopic 3D animation were used. The interactive Virtual Reality App for Android and Gear VR was developed by researchers from the Media Creation Research Group and implemented in cooperation with students from the masterclass Post-production.

External project manager
Dipl.-Ing. Jennifer Biechele, BA (Hons)
External Staff
Marina Kempf
Paul Kogler
Alexander Schlager
  • TriLite Technologies GmbH
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04/01/2016 – 07/06/2016
Involved Institutes, Groups and Centers
Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies
Research Group Media Creation