ExperiMotion 3

Timeframe: November 2023

Traditionally, 3D stop-motion animation vitalizes analog, three-dimensional objects and materials in a unique set of styles and textures that can hardly be recreated by conventional digital 3D modeling. Because of its time-consuming creation process, stop-motion has only been introduced recently as a base for creating VR environments, even though the type of matter is predestined to be experienced in VR due to its three-dimensional nature.

ExperiMotion 3 aims to explore and extend the core concept of 3D stop-motion by not only highlighting and playing with the intrinsics of the frame-by-frame setting but also with visions of photogrammetry and depth of 3D. To do so, existing toolsets and workflows to allow for rapid 3D capture of analog objects using photogrammetry and 3D scanners are evaluated and further developed. As a result, we will have an instrument that enables us to concentrate on artistic work in virtual and hybrid environments. The setup for the artistic experiments offers an interface to preview the work in VR for artists and the immersed audience/collaborators. 

Invited artist Anna Vasof is developing new cinematographic and animation mechanisms as well as designing and building innovative mechanisms for producing critical films, actions, and installations. Together with the VRinMotion team, she will explore the artistic virtual 3D stop-motion process within ExperiMotion 3 that is liberated from many of the technological challenges and is making the artistic work more intuitive.