ExperiMotion 4

Timeframe: Spring 2024

ExperiMotion 4 extends the static, volumetric capturing of shapes by means of animating them using a professional motion capture system (Vicon), which is available in the ReMoCap Lab at St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences. While mocap is a standard process for animated characters in games and movies, in ExperiMotion 4, the captured data will be applied to a wider range of digital shapes using pixilation techniques. 

While the available motion capture system excels in recording continuous precision spatial data, we use them artistically by recording only snapshots of poses, which in succession will be reassembled to form pixilated motion in 3D. Furthermore, a full-body photogrammetry rig will be used to instantly capture persons and objects with multiple cameras. The pixilated mocap data can then be applied to volumetric objects in a virtual environment. 

Invited artist Paul Wenninger’s experience as a dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker with a focus on pixilation and seven-axis motion controls will support the VRinMotion team within ExperiMotion 4. There, the simplification of the motion processes on a frame-by-frame basis will not only be used to transform digital characters and hybrid environments but also retargeted for any other virtual objects or backdrops in this environment in the form of sampled motion fragments.