AI in Media Industry

Analysis commissioned by RTR-GmbH on the extent to which artificial intelligence transforms the media industry and the existing legal and ethical framework conditions.

Background and Project Content

The rapid technological advancements in recent years, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, are leading to significant upheavals with unprecedented and unforeseeable implications. The media business is not immune to this trend, and as result currently undergoing a profound transformation. Strictly speaking, AI continuously alters the production and distribution chain for various media organizations. Just the past year has seen major breakthroughs that appeared unthinkable until recently, and these developments are moving quickly. Moreover, the availability of AI to the general public raises legal, societal, and ethical challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure that AI systems meet social standards.


In the current project we intend to thoroughly investigate both the opportunities and risks that Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents to the Austrian media business. This analysis is built on a detailed study of the literature as well as insights gained from 16 interviews with renowned experts in Austria.


We are conducting a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to examine the extent to which the integration of AI has advanced in the media sector and the disruptions it has already caused and will continue to cause. Additionally, we shed light on the opportunities and challenges associated with AI implementation across the entire value chain (encompassing Creator, Editor, Scheduler/Process Manager, Lead/Marketing/Editorial Team, Onscreen/Distribution/Web Designer, Competition Regulation, Content/Public, Audience). This is particularly important because in today's media landscape, AI can be utilized at various levels, from content creation to audience analysis and process optimization.

Efficient collaboration between humans and AI systems is crucial for the success of media companies in the digital era. To highlight the opportunities as well as the threats arising from the extensive use of AI, we conduct expert interviews. 

By presenting a theoretically grounded and empirically refined SWOT analysis, we create a structured framework for understanding AI applications in the media industry. A special focus is placed on examining legal and ethical standards related to the governance of AI in the media sector.


• Comprehensive theoretical and qualitative-empirical analysis (SWOT analysis) on how AI affects the media industry in Austria.

• Laying the groundwork for potential future governance mechanisms for AI applications.

A final report will be available on this website upon approval by the RTR.

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