#Artificial Intelligence


Big-Data Analytics

Developing methods for the analysis of large amounts of data without compromising data protection.


Location is key – especially when it comes to real estate value. “ImmBild” aims at developing a new method for estimating property value using computer vision of satellite data.


Year of construction, architectural period and architectural style have a significant impact on property prices. New methods of classifying and evaluating real estate have been developed on the basis of automated image analysis.


Monitoring system for identification of critical ice accumulation to prevent the ballast fly induced by ice dropping. The proposed study aims to investigate the possibility of an integration of an intelligent infrastructure system for the detection of critical ice accumulation on rail vehicles.

Pitoti 3D

Italy’s petroglyphs were carved into rock faces by prehistoric cultures. This project sets out to investigate and document the 3D nature of these petroglyphs for the first time.


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