Evaluating technical measuring accuracy

Evaluating the technical measuring accuracy of a 3D monitoring system for the continuous tracking of lumbar spine movements

Sensor-based monitoring of back movements

VivaBack GmbH’s sensor-based monitoring system for the continuous recording of back movements has the primary goal to capture the curvature of the spine in all three movement planes over the course of an entire day to enable both live feedback and retrospective analysis of a person's movement and sitting behaviour. 

Possibility of 3D analysis 

In a first project, researchers of the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten investigated test-retest reliability using data of the sagittal plane. The goal now was to extend the system for the frontal and transversal planes to allow 3D analysis. 

Checking measurement accuracy 

Based on an analysis of the current monitoring system the amount of measurement error in the 3D data was estimated. The measurement accuracy was determined in a pilot study on a small sample of healthy test persons. For this purpose reference data was recorded simultaneously to the monitoring system using a motion capture system. Subsequently, the data of the two systems were compared. Based upon the results the company will develop suitable algorithms to realize a 3D measurement.

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Reliability of a monitoring system for continuous recording of back movements

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