Reliability of a monitoring system

Reliability of a monitoring system for continuous tracking of sagittal lumbar spine movements

Sensor-based monitoring of back movements

VivaBack GmbH’s sensor-based monitoring system for the continuous recording of back movements has the primary goal to capture the sagittal curvature of the spine over the course of an entire day and to enable both live feedback and retrospective analysis of a person's movement and sitting behaviour. 

Reliability Assessment  

In order to evaluate the reliability of the monitoring system, the researchers of St. Pölten UAS investigated comparable systems and their reliability. Within the framework of a pilot study on a small sample of healthy test subjects, the test-retest reliability was determined. At the same time reference data were recorded using a motion capture system. Subsequently, the data of both systems were compared. These findings were then processed and used as a basis for the identification of suitable technical measures to improve test-retest reliability.

Link follow-up project 

Evaluating the technical measuring accuracy of a 3D monitoring system for the continuous recording of back movements

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12/12/2017 – 03/30/2018
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