Souvenirphotography 4.0

Redesigning the photo booth under the Wiener Riesenrad combines individual memories with intermedia learning and digital usage scenarios to create a sustainable overall experience.

Background and project content

The Wiener Riesenrad (i.e., Giant Ferris Wheel) is one of the best-known attractions in Austria. Right under it, the owners of a photo booth are looking for new ways of giving people long-lasting memories of their visit. The future photo booth should fundamentally break away from traditional ideas of souvenir photography and position itself as a pioneer in that arena with fresh ideas. To realize this, the project team experiments with digital computer-controlled montage, Augmented Reality, interactive user experiences, animation and innovative after-sales concepts. As far as design and implementation are concerned, the operators of the photo booth have several new implementation variants (with a focus on digital usage scenarios) in mind. After thoroughly researching the state-of-the-art technologies in this context, the project team develops technological and storytelling concepts at different levels of complexity. These concepts are evaluated (and adapted if necessary) in the context of a focus group together with experts and technicians.

Goals and methods

The aim of the project is not only to visually represent people’s experience of the "Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel"  by using innovative technologies, but also to enrich these visual representations with memories, historical facts and to create a consistent narrative thread (digital storytelling). The entire process of image capturing and processing is rethought and expanded by adding immersive and dynamic moving image elements that lead visitors into an imaginative, unknown environment. Through image animations (accessible via smartphone and the internet), information about the tourism hotspot Riesenrad and Vienna can be presented in a new way. Visitors delve into animated digital worlds against a historical background. This gives their experiences more emotional depth and has a lasting learning effect. More than a photo product is offered; the visitors receive a creative service holding “colourful world of memories", which evolves and builds a strong bond with the buyers.


In this project, souvenir photography is lifted to a new level. It grows beyond a simple print that visitors hold in their hands. A story is developed that begins in the photo booth and does not end with the photo print, but goes on in the (digitally staged) daily life of the visitors. Adding more individuality and depth to the experiences visitors make, becomes viable through new technologies and innovate concepts. These new digital services help to build up a lasting relationship with the customers, with the Riesenrad location and the city of Vienna as a backdrop. Moreover, the project results are not only useful for this particular location, but may also be beneficial for other photo booth operators who look for new concepts and new services that offer immersive experiences.


Digital Experiences as Vacation Souvenirs

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