store&go+ looks at developing a prototype for an automatic goods and luggage depository system.

Effective design is an important factor to increase attractiveness and performance of passenger transfer systems. Not only is it important that changing at intermodal junctions takes place quickly and conveniently, all modes of transport increasingly need options for comfortable, temporary storing of luggage. 

Conventional locker systems are inefficient in their use of space- the immense variety in size of the goods and pieces of luggage to be temporarily stored leads to high-volume structures and uneconomical layouts. Furthermore, there are problems when it comes to  accessibility.  Together with partners from UAS Upper Austria, TGW Mechanics, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG and netwiss GesmbH, researchers from the St. Pölten UAS have evaluated the technological and economic viability of the “store&go” concept developed in a previous project. 

The goal of the store&go+ project is to build on these findings, developing implementing a prototype for an innovative depository system for luggage. “Store&go” as an intelligent logistics solution is characterised by a volume adaptive container technology and a shelf and storage technology that is novel in its use in the storing of luggage. It addresses not only effective storage and service but also performance and comfort which allows offering new services to railway companies and other transport providers.This will further improve public passenger transport infrastructure.

Previous project

store &go

External Staff
Wolfgang Ladinig
Petra Matzenberger
  • FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH
  • TGW Mechanics
  • ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
  • netwiss GesmbH
10/01/2012 – 09/30/2014
Involved Institutes, Groups and Centers
Carl Ritter von Ghega Institute for Integrated Mobility Research