An innovative and accessible baggage storage system for railway stations and other transport hubs.

In the store&go project researchers in the area of railway-infrastructure technology at St. Pölten UAS together with partners from UAS Upper Austria and netwiss GesmbH design and evaluated a barrier-free luggage deposit system  for railway stations and other high traffic locations.

The idea behind the store&go system is to offer all travellers (and non-travellers) the option to check in their luggage fast and easily in an automatic depository near highly frequented areas of the railway station (main entrance, taxi arrival, underground exit etc.). This allows travellers to make use of the facilities on offer at the railway station (shops, travel agencies, restaurants etc.) unencumbered by their luggage. Before boarding the train or when leaving the station, customers can retrieve their luggage at an equally easy-to-use retrieval station.

The store&go concept was assessed in terms of technical and economic viability. The goal was a system that can not only be implemented when planning new buildings but also integrated into exiting ones. Possible challenges in terms of usage and acceptance of the system are counteracted through the development of innovative handling-technologies and depositing-services.
The researchers from St. Pölten UAS were amongst other things responsible for interviews with potential users to determine the exact needs of travellers and assess the acceptance of the different components and luggage storage systems.  

Follow-up project

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External project manager
Dipl.-Ing Georg Barta
  • FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH (Projektleitung)
  • netwiss GesmbH
BMVIT- ways2go
03/01/2010 – 08/31/2011
Involved Institutes, Groups and Centers
Carl Ritter von Ghega Institute for Integrated Mobility Research