#Smart Manufacturing

Digitalisation and the Internet of Things increasingly change the production methods and the relationship between humans and machines in Industry 4.0. Research on Smart Manufacturing investigates the application and development of new technologies.


InnoFIT - novel forecasting tools

Improvement of forecasting processes and planning quality with the use of information technologies to increase the competitiveness of Austrian companies in the global market.

CDP – Austrian Center for Digital Production

The St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences will participate in the K1-Center CDP – Austrian Center for Digital Production. The nationwide research cooperation encourages and enables industrial e...

DuS - Digitization and Security

Qualification network for transferring IT security knowledge in context of the digital transformation of the economy

InfraBase - Automatic Building Footprint Segmentation

The project deals with the fully automatic analysis of satellite imagery. The goal is to extract a pixel-accurate segmentation of building roofs to generate a rich meta-data layer.


Goals of this project are to develop a breadboard to unscrew the coupler and the development of a breadboard for the final uncoupling.

Enterprise 4.0

The project „Enterprise 4.0” is a cooperation with the lower Austrian administration and aims at continually improving the competitiveness amongst regional companies in today’s digital age.


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