VeRgonomiX: virtual reality in ergonomics

Using Virtual Reality for the ergonomic workplace design as well as for consulting and training about ergonomic work processes


Due to the continuous development and miniaturization of existing technologies, Virtual Reality (VR) offers the possibility to develop immersive and interactive applications for consulting and training in the field of ergonomics and beyond by combining portable sensors and Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). 

Project content 

The VeRgonomiX project aims at making Virtual Reality (VR) usable for the ergonomic design of workstations as well as for consulting and training concerning ergonomic work processes. Certain technical challenges need solving, however, before VR is applied in the ergonomic design of workplaces as well as in consulting and training of workflows,. These challenges include the integration of the actual human whole body movements at the workplace into the virtual environment as well as the possibility to interact with the virtual environment. Together with AUVA,  (Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt - the Austrian Workers' Compensation Board)  this project identifies such technical challenges and develops prototypical  solutions for use in the field and explores recommendations for future technical developments.

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