Vida on air - preliminary study for the implementation of a multi-ethnic web radio for transport workers

Employee survey in the transport industry to establish information and communication needs at work


Employees in the transport industry such as delivery staff, lorry drivers or taxi and rental car drivers are usually only loosely in direct contact with colleagues due to their type of work. Accordingly, networking and engagement within the company is difficult, as is providing information for example on labour laws and industry-specific topics. 

The web radio of the trade union vida can be listened to via mobile services while driving and is intended to meet the information and entertainment needs of employees in this sector. Digital distribution via the web offers clear advantages: Web radio broadcasts are easy to receive due to the high bandwidth of mobile data services and can be produced and distributed with relatively few technical requirements. Due to the low technical costs, the programme can be adapted to the multi-ethnic target audience in terms of language and music selection.

Project content

A prerequisite for developing a target-group-appropriate format is an analysis of information and communication needs and listening habits of employees in the industry.The aim of the preliminary study is to obtain as differentiated a picture as possible of media use during work on the road.


Media use as well as information and communication needs during work are collected through qualitative and quantitative surveys. Due to the heterogeneity of the industry (in terms of job, age, ethnic origin, education, etc.) a large number of interviews is necessary. 

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07/01/2020 – 02/28/2021
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