The project BRELOMATE aims at providing socially isolated senior citizens with all the possibilities offered by existing information services and social networks on the Internet.

Easy access to applications for senior citizens

An access as easy and uncomplicated as possible is reached by simplifying the usually range of functions and bulky navigation structures of mobile communication devices. In addition, a specific didactic concept will be development to stimulate and support learning processes in the target group of elderly people. By incorporating feedback of the target group in the process of developing, the applications will be adapted to the demands of their users. The interdisciplinary project combines technological procedures with social measures.


Press coverage

Schnapsen gegen die Einsamkeit

Medium: Die Presse

Tablets gegen soziale Isolation von Senioren

Medium: Computerwelt
Author: Michaela Holy

Ältere Menschen sind häufiger von sozialer Isolation betroffen als Jüngere. Kommunikationstechnik könnten helfen, dem entgegen zu wirken. Doch es scheitert meist an der komplexen Handhabung der Geräte. Im Projekt BRELOMATE untersucht die FH St. Pölten, wie Senioren an die Technik herangeführt werden könnten.


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