Immersive Media Lab

The project combines current technological expertise on Augmented and Virtual Reality with interdisciplinary research about immersive storytelling.

Space for Augmented and Virtual Reality

The Institute for Creative\Media/Technologies of the St. Pölten UAS sets up an Immersive Media Lab for interdisciplinary projects in order to offer space and equipment for Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) initiatives. This will allow  consolidation and further development of existing knowledge on techniques and workflows and generate new knowledge in AVR.


​Increasing influence of storytelling

Storytelling: an essential matter in art that also sees increasing importance in science. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) not only offers future-oriented interfaces between industrial application and artistic research but also the opportunity to develop new dimensions of storytelling.


Range of narrative possibilities

The most basic narrative requires the consecutive linking of at least two events but opportunities for digital storytelling are manifold. In addition to linear narrative structures, there are multilinear, episodic, cyclical or experimental formats with or without interactive components as well as narrative possibilities offered by data visualisation.


Use Cases

This range of narrative possibilities will be transferred to the area of AR/VR, pursuing the following questions:

To what extent can known strategies of storytelling be transferred in the implementation of AR/VR Use Cases?

Which potential arises for the respective fields of application?

When is the developing of novel strategies necessary and how can these be generalized?

These questions are considered and evaluated in the first project phase by means of five Use Cases that reflect the spectrum of Creative Industries, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Media Art.

Immersive Video Interaction (IVI)

Evaluation of the interplay between immersion, interaction and digital storytelling in narrative fictionAVR short film formats.

Auditory Augmented Reality in Production (AARiP)

Further development of an industrial hearing protection for an acoustic information interface and an assistance system using auditory AVR in conjunction with data storytelling.

Enlightening Patients with Augmented Reality (EPAR)

Evaluation and adjustment of information transfer by means of AR/VR for frequently performedexaminations such as CT and functional MRI for different target groups by immersive Storytelling.

Intermedia Motion Tracking in AR/VR (IMTA)

Construction of a 3D mesh motion Capture Storytelling Matrix using motion capture suits and 3D scanners.

AR/VR Interfaces for the Industrial Internet of Things (AIIIT)

Creation of concepts for communication and interaction of data from the Internet of Things by means of eyewear-based AR using immersive storytelling.


In the second phase, the collected findings will lead to direct applications at scienctific and economic partners.

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Mag. Mag. Dr. Franziska Bruckner
Head of
Media Creation Research Group
Department of Media and Digital Technologies
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