#Web Security

The protection of IT infrastructures and sensitive data poses new technical and organisational challenges for companies every day. Research on Web Security develops novel procedures for the detection and interpretation of attacks as well as the defence against them.


Josef Ressel Center for Blockchain-Technologies & Security management

The Josef Ressel Center for Blockchain-Technologies & Security management is a research institution operated by the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. The research objective is making secur...

SecureMart - Secure & Trustworthy on premise Data Markets

Developing easy options to automatically roll out a Data Market within an organisation

Webinar Series "Secure Home Office”

Educating SME about security in the home office, particularly suited for companies with little background in IT security

SoniTalk - an Open Protocol for Data-over-Sound

While interconnectedness amongst our devices increases rapidly, SoniTalk aims at developing an open protocol for ultrasonic device communication that fully preserves the privacy of the user.

upribox 2 -Usable Privacy Box 2

The usable privacy box (upribox) is a network tool that filters ads on all connected devices such as smartphones or laptops and ultimately protects the user’s privacy. The upribox 2.0 is even easier...


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