#Web Security



While interconnectedness amongst our devices increases rapidly, SoniTalk aims at developing an open protocol for ultrasonic device communication that fully preserves the privacy of the user.

Privacy and Security in Online Advertisement

PriSAd – the project „Privacy and Security in Online Advertisement” aims at an integral analysis of privacy and security of online advertising networks.

Usable Privacy Box (upribox) 2

The usable privacy box (upribox) is a network tool that filters ads on all connected devices such as smartphones or laptops and ultimately protects the user’s privacy. The upribox 2.0 is even easier to use and introduces new features.

SoniControl - the first ultrasonic firewall

The project SoniControl aims at developing an application to detect and block unwanted audio tracking on mobile devices.

Usable Privacy Box (upribox)

The project "usable privacy box" (upribox) developes a software and creates a device that protects internet privacy and ensures data security.


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