#Industrial Security

The connection to the Internet and the use of digital technologies make the industry, economy and infrastructure more vulnerable to new forms of sabotage. Industrial Security investigates the methods of the attackers and develops counter-strategies.


ABC - Austrian Blockchain Center

K1 competence center with the goal of the scientifically based further development of the blockchain technology and its application in various economic sectors. These range from Industry 4.0/Internet ...

Josef Ressel Center for Blockchain-Technologies & Security management

The Josef Ressel Center for Blockchain-Technologies & Security management is a research institution operated by the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. The research objective is making secur...

SensiTrack - Tracking vs Privacy in the Workplace 4.0

Developing measures to support employee privacy whwn using tracking systems in industry and comparing positive aspects of tracking technologies with regard to occupational safety


Industrial Security (IT/OT convergence) -Qualification network for promoting a common understanding of security among IT and OT experts

DuS - Digitization and Security

Qualification network for transferring IT security knowledge in context of the digital transformation of the economy


Developing methods and techniques to detect cyber-attacks on digitized distribution networks of electrical power enhancing its reliability and resilience.


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