Digital Makers Hub

Platform for digital makers, for interaction, efficient sharing of knowledge & experiences and nationwide coordination of activities


In recent years, the most successful digital innovations often developed independently from traditional RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) centres. A rapid change of ecosystems for digital innovations can be observed. Creative environments and collaborative methods as well as significantly accelerated cyclical development processes emerged. Maker spaces, knowledge alliances and similar initiatives have flourished in this environment. These digital makers are driving digital change with creative ideas, unconventional approaches, largely independent of institutional interests. They are, therefore, extremely flexible and dynamic, and have long been an extremely relevant driving force for (digital) innovation in Austria. 

Project aim

The Digital Makers Hub establishes a platform that enables an intensive interaction between different Digital Makers, promotes efficient exchange of experiences and enables nationwide coordination of various activities. It strengthens this lively and energetic ecosystem and increases its visibility. Innovative formats are used to promote the exchange and cooperation with SMEs, leading companies and established research institutions. These activities take place not only at consortium partners’ facilities, but are also offered by network partners, online and mobile in public transport along the southern and western axis. 


Under the lead of the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences,  in the "Digital Makers Hub" Industry meets Makers, the Zukunftsakademie Mostviertel, the Tabakfabrik Linz, and the SMARTUP Initiative located at St. Pölten UAS are working on setting up and expanding the platform for digital makers, thereby further intensifying their already existing cooperations. With Open Innovation, CoIdeation, Co-Creation and other formats based on the needs and challenges of SMEs, their cooperation partners and end customers, the aim is to close the gap between the "New Economy" of digital makers and the "Old Economy" of traditional SMEs. Synergies are used to add value for all participants. All project partners have been supporting digital change for several years, have extensive networks and RDI cooperations and contribute to sustainable regional development. These experiences are integrated into the "Digital Makers Hub" and jointly further developed in structured information, further training and innovation in order to provide SMEs with even better and more comprehensive support for digital change. Existing digitalisation know-how at the respective locations will  be made widely available to partners and SMEs.

  • Tabakfabrik Linz Entwicklungs- und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
  • Zukunftsakademie Mostviertel GmbH
  • In2Make Industry meets Makers GmbH
BMAW - programme "Digital Innovation Hubs in Österreich"
09/01/2019 – 06/30/2023