In 2021, St. Pölten UAS’s 112 research projects generated revenue of EUR 4,1 million. Interdisciplinary projects have grown in importance in recent years as a means to identify suitable answers to modern-day issues and devise appropriate solutions.

BaKuRo - Coupling robot for shunting yards

An introduction of automatic coupling seems unrealistic in the European railroad network. That is why it should be clarified in the course of the exploratory study BaKuRo if it is possible with today�...

Open your eyes! Seeing through a kid's eyes

Open your eyes, sensitisation for the perception of the ‘weakest’ road users and research in the field of road safety.

Brochure "Feeling good for a lifetime"

Information brochure about nutrition and exercise with special attention to age-related changes in the body


How can public spaces be designed to promote health for young people and adults?

BEST AT - Roadmap

Creating a roadmap for research topics in the area of information security and operating safety

Living City

We develop an innovative concept linking living and health care, and participative architecture, (partial) city planning, primary healthcare, housing development and community work.

Augmented Paper

In addition to conventional QR codes, augmented reality applications have now hit the market –especially the smartphone market due to products with better high-resolution cameras and processors.

Expectations of primary physician care

Qualitative survey of patients' expectations of "good" primary medical care.

Interactive navigation and sounds of the regions at State Museum Lower Austria

Video installation with interactive navigation for the "Lower Austria Room" at the State Museum Lower Austria