In 2021, St. Pölten UAS’s 112 research projects generated revenue of EUR 4,1 million. Interdisciplinary projects have grown in importance in recent years as a means to identify suitable answers to modern-day issues and devise appropriate solutions.


store&go+ looks at developing a prototype for an automatic goods and luggage depository system.

Documentation of a practical veterinary training course

Recording a training course at a slaughterhouse and preparing a training video.


The goal of this project is to use social media and games in a manner appropriate to people’s age to promote sustainable mobility behaviours and to stimulate people to reflect on their own behaviour...

Okto Linked Open Data – constructing an online media-library

Okto, a leading community television broadcaster in Austria, employs a multi-platform publishing strategy to deliver content conventionally, via terrestrial broadcasting or cable TV, as well as via it...

Video - 50 years of guest workers in St. Pölten

Diverse cultures in St. Pölten During the “Fest der Begegnungen” (festival of encounter) in June 2014, special attention was paid to guest workers in the St. Pölten area. They presented the c...


The goal is the development of an electronic food shopping counselor for senior citizens with type 2 diabetes mellitus, focusing on alternative products, usability for senior citizens and flexibility.

Reference budgets for social inclusion

Reference budgets are exemplary household budgets that define the structure of the outgoings of people with low incomes, taking into account the goal of social inclusion.

"Wie tickt die Jugend?"

Study on the political information and communication behaviour of young people in Lower Austria

SOS Health

The care provided to children and young people in the youth centre “SOS Kinderdorf” (in Hinterbrühl) is addressed at helping them learn an independent and healthy lifestyle.