In 2020, St. Pölten UAS’s 105 research projects generated revenue of EUR 3,1 million. Interdisciplinary projects have grown in importance in recent years as a means to identify suitable answers to modern-day issues and devise appropriate solutions.


TransCoding is an arts-based research project conceived of by the artist and researcher Dr. Barbara Lüneburg, funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF and located at the UAS St.Pölten.

Support for CGP Development & Transformation

Translating clinical therapy guidelines (CGPs) and protocols for quality assurance into a form suitable for automatic processing


The project LIVEFOR aims at enabling corporations their own research activities in the field of live-forensic and analysis of volatile data of a running computer system.

Usability-Study for MFT Challenge Disc

Usability of the MFT Challenge Disc for senior citizens and basic concept for developing a target group-oriented training device


In the course of this project a set of methods has been developed for evaluating gender and diversity aspects of workplace ergonomics and usability for workers in safety-critical system settings.

EU Reference Budgets for Social Inclusion

Developing a common methodology for establishing reference budgets and exploring possibilities for creating comparable reference budgets in all EU Member States

Smartphone Security

This research project focuses on more or less neglected topics of cyber security (IT security) concerning smartphones, tablet-PCs and BYOD (bring your own device).

BaKuRo - Coupling robot for shunting yards

An introduction of automatic coupling seems unrealistic in the European railroad network. That is why it should be clarified in the course of the exploratory study BaKuRo if it is possible with today�...

Open your eyes! Seeing through a kid's eyes

Open your eyes, sensitisation for the perception of the ‘weakest’ road users and research in the field of road safety.

Brochure "Feeling good for a lifetime"

Information brochure about nutrition and exercise with special attention to age-related changes in the body