In 2020, St. Pölten UAS’s 105 research projects generated revenue of EUR 3,1 million. Interdisciplinary projects have grown in importance in recent years as a means to identify suitable answers to modern-day issues and devise appropriate solutions.

Pitoti 3D

Italy’s petroglyphs were carved into rock faces by prehistoric cultures. This project sets out to investigate and document the 3D nature of these petroglyphs for the first time.

European Researchers' Night and St. Pölten UAS

The European Researchers' Night - a Europe-wide "Night of Science" - highlights the role of research, development and innovation in European society


This project aims at improving the operational security of advanced metering infrastructures by the development of an innovative intrusion detection system tailored to the specific characteristics.

Model Based System Integration of CPS

Developing prototypes for an automated control programme in PLCopen from state machines and a learning-capable Part Average Analysis for a real production environment.


TransCoding is an arts-based research project conceived of by the artist and researcher Dr. Barbara Lüneburg, funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF and located at the UAS St.Pölten.

Support for CGP Development & Transformation

Translating clinical therapy guidelines (CGPs) and protocols for quality assurance into a form suitable for automatic processing


The project LIVEFOR aims at enabling corporations their own research activities in the field of live-forensic and analysis of volatile data of a running computer system.

Usability-Study for MFT Challenge Disc

Usability of the MFT Challenge Disc for senior citizens and basic concept for developing a target group-oriented training device